If you spend a lot of time driving in in the heat of the Texas summer, you should think about switching over to summer tires for your vehicle. Before you make the change, however, it’s important to get all the facts on how summer tires compare with standard all-season tires.

The main differences between summer and all-season tires are the depth and spacing of the tread grooves. Summer tires have more surface area and a shallower groove pattern while all-season tires are more deeply grooved over a greater percentage of the surface. This makes summer tires more suitable for driving in warm and wet road conditions and all-season tires a better choice for navigating in a more diverse array of weather conditions.

One additional aspect to consider is the cost associated with changing tires with the seasons. For current tire pricing and availability information, don’t hesitate to turn to your neighbors here at Ewing Buick GMC in Plano, TX.


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