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The tires on your vehicle separate the car, truck, or SUV from the road, keeping you safe. All-season tires are those you can depend on year-round. We, Northern Texans, know a thing or two about wintery days during the colder months. While en-route, especially when traveling, winter tires will ease your navigation. Your vehicle's safety is our priority and we want you to drive with care in Collin and Denton Counties, and wherever your journey takes you.

At Ewing Buick GMC, we ensure you have the right tires for your travels. Turn to us for expert advice, order tires, tire rotations, etc. as we offer a wide range of tire brands.

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The Right Tires For Your Travels

Every vehicle model has specific tires recommended for all driving conditions. Your vehicle's owner's manual indicates the preferred size and tread. Using our Tire Finder tool to determine which tires suit your car best can save you time.  

To locate the tires you need and if you have a preferred tire brand, you can find your tire measurements on the outer tire wall and select a tire supplier offering the exact size needed. If you require any additional information about your tires, you can count on us.

Why Choose Ewing Buick GMC?

Why choose us? It is simple. You can buy tires anywhere, but you will not get the ultimate customer care that we provide. You are more than a customer to us; you are our neighbors, friends, and family. Whether we know each other personally or not, we share the same love for our community.

Therefore, we want you to have the best car experience every time you connect with our dealership. No matter the form of connection. Whether you visit, order partsschedule a service appointment or interact with our service department, your level of care is a priority.  

We not only help you choose the tires you want or need. Our team will order your tires if they are not in stock and ensure that a service appointment is scheduled for your tire replacement. We have plenty of tire brands in our tire center; we find ones that fit your model to give you a range in safety and price. Our team promptly adds you to the service schedule when your tires arrive or in a matter of days upon your order. 

We support DIY friends who choose to take on an at-home tire replacement project. We are always here for you along your journey. The next step is to choose us when ordering your next set of tires.

Order Tires from Ewing Buick GMC!

Our tire specialists assist in your car experience and ensure you get the right tires.

If you are in the market for not just tires but a new vehicle or a used car, we can get you behind the wheel! Our finance department is ready to work on a plan for you to buy or lease your next Buick or GMC.

Thank you for your business, and we look forward to sharing more moments with you at Ewing Buick GMC!

Tire Services at Ewing Buick GMC

Tire Services You Can Count On!

  • Tire installation
  • Wheel alignment
  • Tire rotation
  • Tire pressure
  • Tire repair
  • Order tires
  • Take-off tires
  • Tire inflation
  • Tire expertise
  • And more!
  • With over 150 varieties of tires from 20 tire brands, we can help you narrow your search based on your model's tire type and budget. Once you have new wheels, they will require upkeep to reduce driving issues. We recommend a tire rotation every 5,000-7,000 miles to keep your tread even and extend the lifespan of your tires.

    While on tire longevity, your tire inflation must be on point too. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Association, only 19% of drivers maintain the proper air in their tires. We can help you be a part of the nineteen percent by adjusting the right amount of air for a smooth and safe ride.  

    Some Texans prefer a different set of tires than ones off the assembly line. We get it; most new vehicles come with good "mid-range" tires. Some folks want more, which is why we offer Take-off tire services to switch out the tires on your new vehicle for wheels and rims that you prefer. Remember, a wheel alignment is necessary after any significant tire adjustments, i.e., tire rotations, repairs, etc. Balancing your tires protects you further when you take the rubber to the road.  

    A question asked frequently is, when is it time to replace my tires? Good tire tread depth is 6/32 or more, which is approximately a quarter height of a penny. However, if your vehicle's tire tread has a depth of 4/32 or lower, you need to schedule a service appointment.   

    You do not need to go anywhere else but Ewing Buick GMC for all of your tire needs. Connect with us today!